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Lending a Helping Hand

Support for Individuals

Patient-Centered Care

At endpath care, we believe in patient-centered care. Your personal care path is determined by your wishes, needs, values, and beliefs. Regardless of where you are in your illness -- whether you were just diagnosed, or you are approaching end of life -- we provide non-medical support to improve your quality of life by helping to relieve some of the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual suffering that often accompanies a serious illness.

Support When Family is
Not Available

We understand the difficulties of not having a support system close by. We are honoured to fill that void by providing dedicated care, companionship, healthcare system advocacy, and support with daily tasks and practical concerns.

Writing with Pen

Prepare for the Unexpected

At endpath care, we not only serve those with illnesses, but also provide health care planning guidance while you are healthy. It’s never too early to plan for the unexpected. We can guide you through planning for a life-limiting illness or end of life to ensure your loved ones and healthcare providers understand your wishes if, in the future, you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Advanced planning for healthcare crises may reduces some of the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty encountered by you and your family and helps to ensure you receive care that is right for you.

Your Story

We also believe you are not defined by your illness. Getting to know you and your story is our priority. Your values, your beliefs, the things you in enjoy in life, your history… We treasure everything that makes up you as a person. Knowing you is integral to helping you clarify your personal care path, your life meaning, and your legacy.

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