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Team work

Compassionate Organizations

Taking Care of Your Team

Caregiver responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when the caregiver is working full-time. Compassionate organizations can support their employees by helping them reduce caregiver burden, while also improving their productivity. endpath care offers dedicated services for team members who need extra support. We listen, guide, educate, advocate, companion and impart tools and resources to empower clients and their loved ones. Consider adding endpath care services to your extended care coverage.

endpath care also provides communications and operational support to palliative care and other like-minded organizations to help advance their missions.

Contact us today to discuss how we can provide a helping hand to your organization.

All Hands In

Did You Know?


Canadians aged 15 years+ who have provided end of life care to a family member or friend.

(Statistics Canada 2012)


Canadians provided care to a chronically ill, disabled, or aging family member or friend in the previous year.

(Statistics Canada 2012)


People 50 years old or younger were juggling caregiving in addition to their regular paid work.

(Pallium Canada 2018)


By 2036, British Columbians (and 25% of Canadians) will be 65 years of age or older.

(Fact Book on Aging in BC, 7th Edition)


As we approach the “Silver Tsunami” and as individuals live longer with illnesses, the number of caregivers will continue to rise.

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