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Dedicated support for personalized palliative and end of life care paths. Helping you to live peacefully and meaningfully to the very end.

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I am Cheryl Sewell and I am honoured to provide non-medical palliative and end of life care in the North Okanagan and virtually throughout Canada.  

At endpath care, we believe there is much more to health care than diagnoses and treatments. As a member of the palliative care team, our support complements medical health care practitioners. We provide compassionate listening, practical support, and planning that physicians would often like to provide, but do not always have the time to do.

Through our dedicated support, our aim is to improve your quality of life. We guide clients through planning for serious illness, providing support from diagnosis, throughout the progression of the illness, to end of life.


endpath care can provide companionship, life reflection, guidance, and the management of administrative tasks in order to empower you with knowledge, a sense of control, and peace of mind. Most importantly, we wish to help you focus on spending time with the people and things you love most in life. 

We look forward to connecting with you.

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Supporting and companioning individuals with serious illnesses at any stage of their diagnosis or at the end of life.

Empowering healthy individuals with knowledge and planning for unexpected health crises. 

Easing some of the tactical and emotional burdens of caregivers and family members near and far, who support loved ones with a serious illness or who are at the end of life.

Equipping compassionate organizations with a dedicated resource to support team members who need a helping hand.

Advancing the missions of like-minded organizations.

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